MUS 100
MUS 100 is a P/F 0-credit hour recitals course, which is a requirement for music majors and minors. If you have questions regarding MUS 100, please contact Carol Brehm. Students already registered for MUS 100 have access to all events and information on Sakai.  For a list of Music 100 events click here.

Music Theory Placement Exam
Students may elect to take the music theory placement exam at the beginning of each semester to determine course the proper course for enrollment.  Please contact Dr. David Geary for information about taking the test.

Undergraduate Bulletin for Music Program
For a full list of requirements for the Music majors and minors as well as course offerings click here – Undergraduate Bulletin: Music


Audition for the Major Application Form

Performance Jury Evaluation Form

Individual Instruction Scholarship Form

Keyboard Lab Access Form

WFU Orchestra Concerto Competition Application Form

Giles-Harris Competitions Entry Form