Congratulations to Dr. David Geary!

Dr. Geary has recently been published in Expanding the Canon: Black Composers in the Music Theory Classroom (Routledge, 2022) and in Music Theory Online, 28 (4).

“The first book’s aim is to demonstrate the need for and to provide practical strategies for diversification in music theory classrooms. My chapter, “Diving Deeper into Rhythm and Meter Through Drum Parts in Twenty-First-Century Pop,” summarizes a two-lesson module about drum parts in twenty-first-century pop music by black artists, introducing students to how the instrument can create different expressions of meter, articulate musical form, and fulfill other syntactical and affective functions.

My article in Music Theory Online is titled “Analyzing the Beat in Metrically Consonant Popular Songs: A Multifaceted Approach.” The article takes the traditional view of metric primacy (the “beat”) in popular music as a singular entity and reframes it as a multifaceted phenomenon where different aspects of music can simultaneously, and at times variably, create a sense of metric primacy.”

Dr. Geary’s publications can be found through Routledge and Music Theory Online.

Congratulations, Dr. Geary!