The Wake Forest University Symphony Orchestra (WFUSO) is the premier orchestral ensemble at Wake Forest.  The ensemble is open to non-majors and majors.  The WFUSO performs a diverse and engaging repertoire that extends from the Baroque period to today’s living composers.  Rehearsals and performances are known for being exciting and engaging.  The WFUSO provides interdisciplinary performance opportunities with collaborations and musical experiences that allow for a deeper understanding of the music performed. 

Mission Statement
The Wake Forest University Symphony Orchestra is an ensemble that intentionally strives for musical excellence, collaboration, and community.  It is an ensemble where joy, discovery, and wonder are fundamental to musical performance and education for its members and audiences.

The Symphony Orchestra rehearses Monday and Wednesday in Brendle Recital Hall (M201 Scales Fine Arts Center) from 4:30 to 6:15 pm. (Strings only 4:30-5:00; Full Ensemble 5:00-6:15 PM).  Membership by audition is low-stress.

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For more information on the University Orchestra, contact Orchestra Director Dr. Aaron Hardwick.