John R. Beck, professor of percussion and Afro-Cuban drumming, recently presented his research “Comfort Sound® Drumming: Successfully adapting the traditional drum circle for hospitalized patients and caregivers leading to future research,” at the 2023 Wake Forest University TechX Conference.

This research was part of a STEP grant and builds on John Beck’s Comfort Sound® Drumming programs, adapted from HealthRHYTHMS® techniques:

During a 22-month pilot project at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center musicians used the HealthRHYTHMS drumming protocol with stem cell transplant recipients to investigate if regular music making improved their hospital experience. The evidence-based protocol was adapted to create four 30-minute sessions of hand drumming in the patient’s room. Five of the six variables surveyed were statistically significant, showing an increase in Energy, Mood, Relaxation and a decrease in Anxiety, Distress, and Pain.

Congratulations, Professor Beck!