Listed alphabetically.

C. Kevin Bowen, Director of Bands

Jacqui CarrascoProfessor of Music, Associate Chair
violin, viola, chamber music, history of jazz

Stewart CarterProfessor of Music
music theory, music history, collegium musicum, trombone

Elizabeth Clendinning, Assistant Professor of Music
ethnomusicology, music of Bali

David Geary, Assistant Professor of Music
music theory

Christopher Gilliam, Assistant Professor of Music
Director of Choral Activities

Louis GoldsteinProfessor of Music
piano, piano literature

Bryon Grohman, Assistant Professor of Music

David Hagy, Teaching Professor and Orchestra Director
Music Theatre History

Tim Heath, Director of Athletic Bands

Joanne Inkman, Associate Teaching Professor
theory, piano and class piano

Peter KairoffProfessor of Music, Chair

David Levy, Professor of Music
music history, music theory

Kathryn LevyProfessor of the Practice

Dan Locklair, Professor of Music
composition, music theory, orchestration, music in the church, organ

Teresa Radomski, Professor of Music
voice, theatrical singing

John Sadak, Assistant Professor of the  Practice

Marco Sartor, Assistant Teaching Professor