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The Department of Music offers two music majors and a music minor:

  • Music Performance (requires 41 hours)
  • Music in Liberal Arts, with a concentration in Music History, Theory, or Composition (requires 41 hours)
  • Music Minor (requires 19 hours)

Students who choose one of these majors may not choose the other as a second major. Both majors include a basic curriculum of music theory (MUS 171, 172, 173, 174, sixteen hours) and music history (MUS 181, 182, 183, nine hours), and four semesters of MUS 100. Both majors are demanding and stimulating, preparing students for careers in music and/or advanced degrees. Students interested in pursuing a major in music should contact the department in their first year of study.

Course Requirements

Specific course requirements for music majors and minors and a full course lists.

Undergraduate Bulletin: Music


The Department of Music offers everything from introductory courses for students with little or no musical background, to advanced specialized courses for the music major, as well as a variety of musical ensembles and performance opportunities open to all students (not just music majors and minors).

woodwind players

Individual Instruction

The Department of Music offers individual instruction to Wake Forest students in voice, piano, guitar, and all orchestral and jazz instruments. Students can receive course credit for weekly lessons of 30 minutes (MUS161) or 60 minutes (MUS162 and music major courses 262, 362 and 363). Lessons are available to students of all levels, though a POI (permission of instructor) number is required for registration.

Registration takes place at the beginning of each semester, and interested students should stop by the music department office (M309) or contact the appropriate instructor listed below for more information.

First-time registrants for voiceguitar, and piano lessons will additionally need to interview or audition (depending on level of experience) at the start of each semester, and sign-ups are posted in the music office.

Like many liberal arts universities, Wake Forest assesses an additional individual instruction fee of $325 per semester for 30 minute weekly lessons (MUS 161) and $650 per semester for hour-long weekly lessons (MUS 162 and music major courses 262, 362, and 363), which is billed to a student’s account by Financial Services. Need-based scholarships are available

For more information view the Applied Lesson Fee Scholarship Application.

If you are a beginning student in voice, guitar, or piano, you also have the option to register for class instruction in those areas (MUS165 and MUS178), for which there is no additional fee.

Voice and Keyboard


Winds, Brass, and Percussion

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