Fall 2024


Contact Dr. Tim Heath at heatht@wfu.edu or Dr. Natalie Smith at smithn@wfu.edu to learn more.


WFU Wind, Brass, & Percussion Ensemble Seating Evaluation Sign-Up (Spring 2024) (Check back soon for Fall 2024 info)

The Wind Ensemble is open to all WFU major and non-major undergraduate and graduate students. All students interested in performing in the WFU Wind Ensemble must register for the class first (MSC 141), then sign-up for a seating evaluation.  If you have a conflict and would still like to play, please contact Dr. Tim Heath.

Wind Ensemble rehearsals are Mondays from 3:30-4:50 pm in Scales M201 and Wednesdays from 3:30-4:50 pm in Brendle Recital Hall.

If you are a new member, email Dr. Heath at heatht@wfu.edu to schedule a seating evaluation.

Seating Evaluations: WIND, BRASS, PERCUSSION
Winds and percussion will perform an excerpt provided by Dr. Heath. Wind players will perform one major and one minor scale (of their choosing) in two octaves.


Jazz Ensemble rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-1:45 pm in Scales M201. No audition/seating evaluation needed – just come to the first rehearsal of the semester. E-mail Prof. Julio Jeri at jerij@wfu.edu with any questions.


No audition needed! To learn more about how to participate in Wake Forest Gamelan Giri Murti contact Dr. Elizabeth Clendinning at clendiea@wfu.edu. For information about the Chinese Music Ensemble, contact Dr. Clendinning at clendiea@wfu.edu. For the Afro-Cuban Drumming Ensemble, contact Prof. John Beck at beckj@wfu.edu.

CHOIRS (MSC 145-147)

Auditions and hearings for new students (all students, undergraduate or graduate) entering the choir program occur during the first week of classes by appointment in Scales Fine Arts Center M208–the choir room across from Brendle Recital Hall. Auditions are low-key and relatively stress free. All undergraduate and graduate students on campus are welcome to audition regardless of their major. Students particularly interested in being considered for the premier Chamber Choir, MSC 146, should audition. Students who wish to sing in a choir but prefer not to audition formally may register immediately for Concert Choir (Lyric), MSC 145 A or B (with preference for Section A—Section B is for those who have time conflicts with Section A), or audition. Concert Choir (Lyric), MSC 145 A or B, is a wonderful ensemble for beginning singers.

For audition info please click here. For questions or to learn more, visit wakechoirs.com or contact Dr. Christopher Gilliam directly at gilliac@wfu.edu.

Chamber Choir MSC 146 (MTWR 5:00-6:00 pm)
Wake Forest’s premier SATB concert & touring choir. Open to all undergraduate and graduate students by audition.

Concert Choir MSC 145 A (TR 3:30-4:45 pm) – preferred;
MSC 145 B (M 6:30-9:00 pm) – if schedule conflict
An SATB mixed ensemble for beginning to advanced singers. Concert Choir is a wonderful ensemble experience that requires fewer rehearsal and performing hours than Chamber Choir. No audition required—you may register for the course immediately and/or you may also sign up for an audition at the link provided above if you prefer.

Schola Cantorum MSC 147 (TBD)
Co-requisite membership in Chamber Choir. A select small vocal ensemble (8-12 members) that specializes in early music & vocal jazz. The ensemble will rehearse and perform on its own schedule and will be both faculty and student directed.


Fall 2024

The Symphony Orchestra is open to all admitted WFU major and non-major, undergraduate and graduate students. All players interested in performing in the WFU Symphony Orchestra must first register for the class (MSC 140-A for Strings; MSC 140-B for Winds/Brass/Percussion), then sign-up for a seating evaluation.  

Under the same guidelines, returning orchestra members must sign-up each academic year for seating placement.  

If you have a conflict (labs, class, travel, etc.) and would like to play, please contact Dr. J. Aaron Hardwick at hardwicj@wfu.edu.

The Symphony Orchestra rehearses Mondays and Wednesdays in Brendle Recital Hall (Mondays) and M201(Wednesdays) from 4:30-6:15 pm (Strings only 4:30-5:00 pm; Full Ensemble 5:00-6:15 pm). 

Seating Evaluations: String Instruments

WFU Symphony String Seating Evaluation Sign-Up (Fall 2024)

If you have experience playing, would like more information, or have questions concerning the orchestra, contact our Symphony Orchestra Director, Dr. J. Aaron Hardwick at hardwicj@wfu.edu.

Seating Evaluations: Wind, Brass, & Percussion Instruments

WFU Wind, Brass, & Percussion Ensemble Seating Evaluation Sign-Up (Spring 2024) (Check back soon for Fall 2024 info)

All Symphony Orchestra wind, brass, and percussion players come from within the WFU Wind Ensemble. Placement into the WFU Symphony Orchestra is decided based on the seating evaluations above (Band: Wind Ensemble) and at the discretion of the directors based on skill and ensemble need.


To learn more about string chamber music ensembles, contact Dr. Jacqui Carrasco at carrasj@wfu.edu. For information about joining the WFU Flute Choir or wind chamber ensembles, please contact Prof. Kathryn Levy at levyka@wfu.edu.

To learn more about Collegium Musicum Instrumental (early music ensemble), contact Dr. Stewart Carter carter@wfu.edu.


Private lessons are offered for most major instruments, including piano, voice, strings, guitar, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

Visit the Individual Instruction page to locate an instructor and learn more about lessons.

There is also an Applied Lesson Scholarship Fee Application. Applications for Spring funding are due by Friday, December 8. (Check back soon for Fall 2024 info)

New piano students – please fill out this form to schedule a Spring 2024 Piano Individual Instruction Interview. If you have questions please contact Dr. Larry Weng at wengl@wfu.edu. (Check back soon for Fall 2024 info)

New voice students:  15-minute long auditions for VOICE-related individual instruction will be held during the first week of classes. Please contact Dr. Bryon Grohman at grohmabc@wfu.edu for more info.